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Theatre Production

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​The Theatre Production Minor is designed for those students who are interested in learning about the production areas of the theatre - scenery, lighting, properties, sound, costuming, stage management, and other related subjects - and who desire the opportunity to explore these areas through the prescribed course work of a minor.

​3 credits from any of the following:


​ ​3 ​ ​

​THEA 200: Introduction to Theatre Production

​THEA 202: Introduction to Theatre Design

​THEA 203: Introduction to Costuming*

​6-9 Credits from any of the following:











​ ​6 - 9

​THEA 242: Page to Stage: Making Theatre

​THEA 300: Fundamentals of Stagecraft

THEA 301: Fundamentals of Properties Construction

​THEA 302: Fundamentals of Stage Lighting

​THEA 303: Fundamentals of Scene Painting

​THEA 304: Fundamentals of Audio

​THEA 305: Fundamentals of Costume Construction

​THEA 306: Fundamentals of Patternmaking

​THEA 307: Fundamentals of Draping for the Stage

​THEA 308: Fundamentals of Costume Crafts

​THEA 309: Fundamentals of Stage Management

​THEA 310: Fundamentals of Maskmaking

​THEA 311: Fundamentals of Scene Design

​THEA 312: CAD and Computer Applications for Theatre Production

​THEA 408: Theatre Practicum for Minors​3-6**


*Students interested in taking 300-level costume courses as their elective choices should take THEA 203 as their introductory course choice.

**Students electing to take two 300-level electives for a total of 6 crs. must take 6 crs. of THEA 408. Students electing to take three 300-level electives for a total of 9 crs. must take 3 crs. of THEA 408.

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