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​​​About the Dance Minor​

The dance minor began in the fall of 2009 as an outlet for students to express creativity and explore ideas through the physical medium of dance. More than 100 undergraduates every semester are exposed to ballet, jazz, modern and the art of choreography.

A minor in dance is available for students who have an interest in dance and want a concentration of study in this area to complement their career goals. No audition is required to declare the minor, to take undergraduate dance classes or to participate in all the minor has to offer students. The minor provides students with the opportunity to study dance as a performing art while also pursuing complementary coursework in areas such as dance science, pedagogical methods and an exploration of dance in world cultures. 

The Dance Minor is a joint program between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Health Sciences. For more info, contact Denise Murphy, Director of Dance at djmurphy@udel.edu or 302-831-3311​​

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About our program​​​

The dance minor provides students with the opportunity to study a variety of coursework including, but not limited to, dance technique, composition and choreography, and elective choices in the historical, cultural, pedagogical, and somatic areas of dance. Additionally, dance minors complete a variable credit capstone experience project.​​


Do you love to dance?

​The purpose of the dance minor, is to provide students with a comprehensive dance education that includes opportunities for them to perform, choreograph & conduct research, and teach in school and community settings.​




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